Parliament Looks Into Online Gambling

A comprehensive parliamentary inquiry has been initiated to look into internet gambling legislation, especially in light of new pricing alternatives and widespread advertising that targets youngsters. Under this inquiry, video games that incorporate gambling-like activities may be subject to stronger supervision.

 Internet Gambling Cost

According to formal American Gaming Association statistics, gamblers in that nation alone spent over $20 billion ($14.3 billion) on live casinos, sports betting, and online gaming (or “iGaming”) during the first quarter of the year alone. Analysts estimate that the global gambling market will be worth $1.26 trillion ($876 billion) by 2026.


iGaming Sales

With iGaming sales alone rising 53.9% year now and generating $1.75 billion ($1.21 billion) in monthly revenues from only six US states as that nation’s internet gambling industry booms, that was the sector’s best start to the previous year ever and a roaring start for playing online games.

Australia has long controlled online gambling, and interactivity gambling companies need permits to operate legally there – mirroring strict limitations on contentious sports gambling advertising saturation – but the rise of in-app gaming transactions had created a legal gray area. In-app purchases are a significant source of revenue for the corporation, with overall App Store expenditure jumping during the pandemic and rising by 17.7% to $123 billion (US$85.1 billion) year 2021 alone.


Apple Restrictions on Internet Gambling Apps

Apple has earlier imposed restrictions on internet gambling apps, including the requirement that they are mobile-native apps, which prevents developers from getting around age, disbursement, and other restrictions, and the requirement that designers label any gambling content, even simulative content, as being intended only for adults.