Free Tees for GTA Online Series’ 25th Anniversary

On November 28, 1997—nearly 25 years ago—the first Grand Theft Auto video game was released. Since the time of the game’s debut, the series has been known and loved by many gamers. Throughout the years, the game has successfully reached unthinkable new heights, and achievements.


This year 2022, the GTA Online series franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary. In line with the celebration, it was revealed in a Newswire article that Rockstar Games will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto by giving away tees throughout the month of November 2022.


Details in Getting the Rockstar’s Free T-Shirts

The full list of all the free t-shirts that will be given to the players of GTA Online as a token of appreciation for the series’ 25th anniversary hasn’t been disclosed yet by Rockstar Games. Howerever, they made it public the details regarding the T-shirts’ design and logo which is a Black Rockstar Tee, it comes with just a black t-shirt with the printed logo of Rockstar. According to the Newswire article, more t-shirts will be given away throughout November.

Players must stay tuned in the new Newswire posts as all updates will likely be published there every Thursday, along with any upcoming news on that subject.