4 Reasons Why eSports Betting Is Attractive

eSports bets are not nearly as popular as “classic sports bets” like those offered on Dewatogel, a casino site in Indonesia. Nevertheless, there are good reasons why esports bets are particularly attractive and why it is definitely worth dealing with them intensively.

  • Use your expertise: The market is still very young and many betting providers simply lack the relevant experience, especially when it comes to offering “the right” odds. This gives you as a tipper the opportunity to get good odds on favorites, which is much more difficult with classic sports bets such as football bets.
  • Experience a new way of betting: far away from “standard bets” such as the classic 2-way bet on victory or defeat, there are numerous other betting options in esports betting. Whether it’s a first kill, 10 kills, card winner, number of kills, etc., the selection of options for esports betting is almost endless and provides a corresponding variety.
  • Follow exciting eSports games live: Unlike football, basketball, or tennis, you can experience the major eSports events and games live free of charge. You don’t need a special subscription or similar, numerous games are broadcast live on the Internet on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. This also allows you to place live bets during ongoing games and tournaments.
  • Use the sports betting industry to bridge the summer break: While most sports leagues have a “summer break” in the summer months, this looks very different in the eSports sector. One of the biggest eSports events (The International) takes place every year in August. Use esports betting to complement classic sports betting.

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Is betting on eSports legal?

The topic of betting, in general, is (unfortunately) still associated with illegal activities by many people. When it comes to eSports betting comparisons, we keep encountering prejudices and reservations. However, these are often due to a lack of knowledge and interest.

eSports betting is legal. The same guidelines, legal bases, and standards apply to esports betting as to “normal sports betting”. Of course, there are also certain framework conditions for esports betting. This includes, among other things, that the provider must have a corresponding sports betting license. In addition, only people who have reached the age of 18 are allowed to place esports bets in Germany.

Bonus for eSports betting

As with classic sports betting, there are of course also interesting bonus offers for gamers in eSports betting. This is usually a so-called new customer bonus or welcome bonus which you receive for registering or making your first deposit with the respective betting provider. The bonus amount and conditions differ from provider to provider. However, many providers compete for the favor of customers with attractive bonus offers of up to 150 euros.